Types of Pizza Culinary Majors Should Know

Posted in: Culinary Arts

Written by Rob Sutter

Whether you’re looking to specialize in Italian cuisine or not, it goes without saying that there are various types of pizza. Depending on what your tastes entail, one option may stand out to you more than the others. Regardless, each one has its place in the culinary arts and those who have enrolled in chef school might want to know how they’re crafted. Before you get started in this endeavor, though, you should have a strong understanding of the pizza types in question.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a fan of toppings, or simply enjoy your pizza with the most basic of ingredients. To have a better understanding of how pizza is categorized – and there is much to discuss, in this regard – here are just a few of the subtypes you should be familiar with.

Neapolitan – If you’re familiar with pizza, you should immediately recognize this type. Neapolitan pizza is often regarded as the most simplistic option, as it features Mozzarella cheese and tomato sauce on top of dough. Even though there’s more to the cooking process than this, the taste that it can elicit is nothing short of rich. Of course, the taste in question can be accentuated by a number of ingredients, ranging from pepperoni to even pineapple. This speaks greater volumes about the impact that Neapolitan pizza can have, though it’s just one of the subtypes to be aware of.

Sicilian – For those who desire an experience that has more volume, Sicilian pizza might be suitable for you. To say that this option matters would be an understatement, especially for those who have big tastes. There’s ample dough, cheese, and sauce to take into account, resulting in a more filling experience overall. Its crust is considerably different than other options – there’s a crunchier texture to be had – which means that your mileage may vary in terms of how often you decide to create this. Nonetheless, Sicilian is an option not to be overlooked.

Deep Dish – Even though this subtype is often linked to Chicago, as far as its origins is concerned, various chefs can create deep-dish pizza. For those who do not know, this particular option has a number of ingredients and toppings it can be made with, each one being cooked to absolute perfection. Given the copious ingredients and the sheer volume of the pizza in question, many foodies and consumers in general prefer eating it with a knife and fork. With so many ingredients to account for, deep-dish pizza should be presented well, which is one of the reasons why a chef might employ a Long Island advertising agency.

If a pizzeria decides to invest in trailer graphics, chances are that they will feature numerous dishes. For those who are looking to get involved in the culinary arts, it would be wise to learn about these as well. Even though these are just a few types to be mindful of, their individual levels of appeal can’t be denied.