4 Steps for Creating the Best Menu

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It doesn’t matter if you’re going to school for restaurant management, or are looking to invest a few years in chef school. Chances are that you’ll still find yourself becoming familiar with the customs of operating a business, and one of the most imperative talking points is the creation of a well-rounded menu. This document serves the purpose of showing … Read More

3 Tips for Writing Culinary Research Papers

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Culinary school isn’t all about the creation of food. Even though this may be an essential component of one’s academic career, other elements must be taken into account as well. Specifically, the act of writing must be carried out, especially when it comes to research papers. Your culinary expertise won’t be complete unless you’re able to clearly convey thoughts and … Read More

3 Tips for Creating Marinades

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If you’re someone who enjoys preparing meat – it doesn’t matter if you prefer chicken, beef, or something else entirely – chances are that you are familiar with marinades. These culinary additions can bring the flavor of any meat to life, ensuring that it is enhanced for the enjoyment of those who will dine. Not only will the meat be … Read More

The Do’s & Don’ts of Sautéing

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The act of sautéing entails the preparation of food, usually cut into small pieces, in timely fashion. More often than not, a moderate amount of oil or fat is utilized to speed up the process, ensuring the utmost nutrition and the boldest tastes alike are retained. If you have enrolled in cooking school, chances are they have either become exposed … Read More

3 Basic Tips for Incoming Culinary Freshmen

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Selecting the culinary arts as your academic focus is a worthwhile choice. You will be able to learn about a number of cooking styles, and topics such as restaurant management and finance will be covered to boot. Essentially, when you invest in college campuses – regardless of if you’re learning about the practices of a Long Island advertising agency in … Read More

Different Cheeses for Culinary Purposes

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One of the many food products that you’ll become acquainted with, as a budding chef, is cheese. Even though you may be partial to one or a few varieties, depending on what you specialize in from a culinary standpoint, there is a diverse collection of cheeses to consider. Some may be sharper than others, and their individual compositions mean that … Read More

The Food Substitutes to Know

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Most chefs have been in a position where they were short on particular ingredients. Perhaps they ran out of salt and pepper, which are relatively basic ingredients, but these situations can expand to include other food items as well. Whatever the situation may be, if you find yourself in this particular situation you are not out of luck. For those … Read More

Potential Jobs for Restaurant Management Graduates

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When talking about restaurant management, it’s easy to imagine that it will be one of the most demanding jobs in the culinary arts. Not only must these workers be able to operate businesses; the ability to appeal to unique consumer needs cannot be overlooked. Even though many will often associate this major with the inevitability of operating a restaurant, diner, … Read More

Advice for Aspiring Pastry Chefs

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To say that being a pastry chef is rewarding would be an understatement. After all, under this job title, an individual has the ability to create a litany of sweets. Everything from cannoli to croissants can be created in the kitchen, before being presented to those who may wish to treat themselves. If you’re passionate about the culinary arts, and … Read More

What to Expect from Culinary Management Majors

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Cooking schools are broad when it comes to the majors they offer. These can include anything from the creation of unique meals to the ways in which businesses can be run. For now, I would like to focus on the latter, since it seems like many people tend to overlook just how beneficial culinary management majors can be. After all, … Read More