How to Effectively Prepare Lobster

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Some of the major delicacies of the world incorporate seafood. For proof of this, all one has to do is look at lobster, which is often looked at a dish for those who are willing to spend more than they normally would on food. Given the savory, buttery taste that this type of seafood is known for, it’s easy to … Read More

How to Teach a Cooking Class

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It’s not out of the ordinary for those in college to become passionate about teaching. A criminal justice graduate who spent time learning about pharmaceutical fraud, forensic science, and the like could go on to teach said subjects to others. Such logic can be applied to the culinary arts, which is one of the reasons why various cooking classes exist. … Read More

How to Maximize Food Blogging Efforts

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Many people are fond of food, to the point where they write at length about it. This is where food blogging, which is an act that students in culinary schools might become familiar with, can be done. For those who do not know, this form of writing entails everything from specific reviews to broader cultural experiences. If you are someone … Read More

The Do’s & Don’ts of Deep-Frying

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When it comes to taste, many people seem to turn to deep-frying. While not one of the healthier methods of preparing food, there’s no denying the popularity behind it. Even though chicken and steak are some of the more common foods treated with deep-frying, unusual foods like bananas and even cookies have found their way in this respect. It would … Read More

3 Tips for Excelling in Chinese Cooking

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Variety is not uncommon in particular college majors. For example, if someone were to become a veterinarian, said individual would learn about everything from PEMF therapy for animals to nutrition as a whole. Those who are involved in culinary school can attest to the aforementioned concept of variety, and one of the ways this can be highlighted is Chinese cooking. … Read More

3 Tips for Creating a Culinary Portfolio

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You might already know about the importance of an art portfolio. Required by a number of higher education institutions, the portfolio in question is designed to showcase a potential student’s best work. Not only will quality be showcased, but also a wide variety of work is likely to be included for the best results. Suffice it to say, this type … Read More

The French Desserts to Know About

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During your time in chef school, it’s safe to assume that you will find yourself learning about cooking styles of various cultures and locations. French cuisine is diverse, to say the least, and the litany of desserts that can be created further illustrates this. Some of these delicacies are ones you have tried before; others may be less familiar to … Read More

Possible Workplaces for Bartending Students

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When students go to school, in order to learn about bartending, chances are that they will earn certificates by the end. Unlike the educational pursuits of a veterinarian, who will learn about such topics as Wobblers before earning a master’s degree, a bartender’s time in school is often minimal by comparison. This isn’t to say that bartending isn’t worthwhile, especially … Read More

Points of Interest for Aspiring Food Critics

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One of the reasons why a college student may attend culinary school is to become a food critic. Generally speaking, this individual is tasked with reviewing every element of a dish, ranging from the way it’s composed from an aesthetic standpoint, to the collective taste of the numerous ingredients used. Without question, becoming a food critic takes work, and it … Read More

Broiling Food: The Do’s & Don’ts To Know

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When it comes to taste and time, broiling is one of the most effective cooking methods. For those who do not know, this entails the usage of a high heat source, resulting in thoroughly cooked food that will be worthwhile to serve. Those who pride themselves on being culinary experts will be able to put this method to use, yielding … Read More