4 Pointers for Preparing Risotto

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  Those who are familiar with Italian cuisine should know what this dish is all about. For the uninitiated, risotto is a rice dish that is created to be as creamy and savory as possible. Even though many different types of risotto contain meat of some kind, it isn’t necessary for effective preparation. However, it’s easy to imagine that those … Read More

3 Reasons to Take Up Dry-Heat Cooking

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If there’s one lesson that you should take away from the culinary arts, it’s that there is no such thing as a “wrong” cooking method. Simply put, it’s a matter of preference, as well as what you’re looking to prepare at any given time. Those who have been involved in this culinary endeavor can say the same, but specific methods … Read More

3 Ways to Liven Your Culinary Efforts

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With so many possibilities existing in the culinary arts, it’s unfortunate when things start to feel boring. Even though you may enjoy a particular meal or certain ingredients more than others, does this necessarily mean that you should keep your perspective so narrow? If anything, you may wind up souring on those elements, resulting in a sense of dissatisfaction you … Read More

What are Nutritionists Responsible For?

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With so many entrees and ingredients associated with the culinary arts, sometimes one may forget about the importance of nutrition. Did you know that many people attend the various culinary schools in Georgia, such as Le Cordon Bleu, in order to become nutritionists? To say that this job title holds value would be an understatement. After all, people are heavily … Read More

What Should the Best Kitchen Have?

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To say that a chef knows his or her way around the kitchen would be an understatement. Whereas others may struggle to know where certain things are – these can range from important utensils to unique ingredients – culinary experts seem to know without even giving it much thought. It’s a great quality to have, especially amongst those who’d like … Read More

The Fundamentals of Pastry Baking

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  One of the more artistic forms of cooking – as you may learn of while pursuing one of the many degrees in culinary arts – is pastry baking. Without question, pastries are amongst the sweetest confectionaries that can be created, not to mention the broadest. Depending on how you have grown up, you might have been exposed to a … Read More

The Do’s and Don’ts of Grilling

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As we are in the summertime, it’s probably goes without saying that grilling will be done to extensive degrees. This cooking style is a favorite during this time of year, as it has the ability to prepare a number of foods. Everything from classic burgers to vegetable medleys can be made tastier, but I think that it’s worth noting the … Read More

Evaluating Various Majors in the Culinary Arts

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There’s more to the culinary arts than just cooking. Anyone who has an interest in this field will tell you the same, as different interests stand the chance of being covered. Not only will you be able to learn about how foods are prepared, but there’s the business side of things to account for along with it. With that said, … Read More

Advice for Future Culinary School Students

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Advice for Future Culinary School Students

Those who are looking to get into culinary school, during the upcoming semester, will have a world of opportunities waiting for them. I am sure that this goes without saying for many, but others may be less prepared about what to expect. Yes, they know that they must be open to learning about new cooking styles, the business side of … Read More